Defective Chinese Drywall
This consortium…There are the only five known inspectors, in the greater Houston area and 8 surrounding counties, which are competent to guide an owner thru this process. No other group has spent sufficient research time and sufficient "hands on" experience to develop this help. This research continues because Chinese Drywall continues to be an evolving problem where answers are being found everyday.



Chinese (Tainted) Drywall

Chinese Drywall Inspectors


"The History of Chinese Drywall"

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Fall 2010 - Chinese drywall manufacturer Knauf commits to remediating U.S. 300 homes

November 2010 - this consortium found tainted drywall in home built in 2009 later than reported by CPSC

August 2010 - Chinese Drywall Settlement Talks Get Serious~ But Odd Cases Cloud Class Action…

Judge Eldon Fallon in several high-profile "bellwether" cases tried in Federal court in New Orleans, Louisiana, have established a set of accepted facts, as well as some broad principles of law for other courts to follow in Chinese drywall litigation. Now, Fallon has called lawyers for all the various parties in the combined cases into his courtroom and is telling the attorneys to get to work on a comprehensive settlement.

Since January 2010 - Thus far this consortium has found confirmed Chinese Drywall in:
South Houston
Jersey Village

News note: Dateline July 2010

Habitat for Humanity announced that Chinese Sheetrock was used in Katrina renovation and construction…in their homes.

May 2010 - manufacturers of Tainted Drywall ID'd

April 2010 - Interim Remediation Protocol, prepared by HUD and CPSC, CPSC staff report on drywall emissions by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and EHE bacteria study.

April 2010 - United States federal judge Eldon Fallon dropped a bombshell on the Chinese drywall sector in a ruling that could require intervention of the Chinese and United States governments as the repair bill for homes damaged by the presence of the building material may reach billions of dollars.

January 2010 - Interim Identification Protocol, prepared by HUD and CPSC, to help homeowners identify if they have problem drywall.

December 2009 - HUD asks mortgagors to provide relief to stricken homwowners

November 2009 - This consortium, under the umbrella of the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association, becomes aware of this issue and begins research and search for local cases

November 2009 - Results of CPSC's 51-home study which shows a strong association between homes with problem drywall, the levels of hydrogen sulfide in those homes and corrosion of metals in those homes. In addition, CPSC's General Counsel provided guidance to Congress and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the possible applicability of the casualty loss provision in the Internal Revenue Code for affected homeowners.

October 2009 - Initial results on three studies of Chinese and non-Chinese drywall:

Elemental and chemical tests on drywall found the presence of elemental sulfur in Chinese drywall but not in non-Chinese drywall. The tests also showed higher concentrations of strontium in Chinese drywall than in non-Chinese drywall. Chamber studies showed that Chinese drywall emits volatile sulfur compounds at a higher rate than U.S. made drywall. The study found that sulfur gases were either not present or were present in only limited or occasional concentrations inside the homes, and only when outdoor levels of sulfur compounds in the air were elevated.

Fall 2009 - Attention:
Defective Chinese Drywall/Sheetrock is beginning to be Part of a National Investigation, due to reported health issues and rapid corrosive damage to any metal in the home including electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC units. There has been a flood of law suits filed or pending and many more to follow. CPSC

October 2009 - CPSC investigated every 2009 import with a possible connection to imported Chinese drywall and confirmed that no new gypsum drywall was imported from the beginning of 2009. CPSC staff set up mechanisms to detect any possible future imports and has continued to investigate any and all suspected drywall imports. CPSC sent notices to the warehouses where any remaining Chinese drywall is stored informing them of CPSC's ongoing investigation and informing them that the warehouses should notify CPSC if they sell, transport, or dispose of any drywall from their inventory.

August 2009 - Testing conducted by federal and state agency radiation laboratories, which found no radiation safety risk to families in homes built with drywall.

US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana - Judge Eldon Fallon MDL 2047 Chinese manufactured drywall products liability litigation

History of Court Actions on Chinese Drywall -

2007 - CPSC becomes involved along with HUD, but it is two years prior to any testing or protocols are produced

2001-2007 The Florida Department of Health struggles with identification and source of this issue


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